Christmas Warmth!

One of the best things about this time of year is walking home in the dark, freezing cold, and looking at peoples windows and seeing the Christmas decorations. All the lights, the tree and the fire just makes me feel so warm inside and when i see the people inside laughing and smiling I just can’t wait to get home.


Friendly Drivers!

So today I was walking home and it was tipping it down. As I was finally approaching my house I saw a huge puddle at the side of the pavement and a line of cars speeding towards me. I managed to turn away just in time for the water to miss my face and to hit my back, soaking me. About 5 cars went passed, each getting me more and more wet, as I watched them in dismay. As i saw the final car approaching, the woman driving it looked directly into my eyes. She slowed down and swerved round the puddle, avoiding getting me wet even more. Sure, I was still absolutely soaked, but just that one person thinking about my happiness really made me smile and I unlocked the door, happier than i was before I got off the bus.

Just a little Hello!

Hi to anyone who may read this!

I am a student from England, and decided to start this blog today. I am very doubtful that anyone but myself will read it, but if anyone does, THANK YOU! I just want to share anything and everything in life that makes me smile, but that sometimes I feel that people don’t appreciate.

Thank you.